Dongguk UniversityDean's Message, which has 109 years of history, ranked the second highest in the Humanities in 1997(the Korean Council for University Education) and sixth in the Liberal Arts in 2010(JoongAng Daily) Dongguk proudly presents outstanding research capabilities along with rich traditions. Based on those traditions, the Institute of International Language was founded this semester in order to encourage Korean and foreign students to become global talents. The Institute of International Language is divided into parts: The Center for Korean Language Education – manages Korean language education for foreign students (including exchange students, language studying students;

the Center for Foreign Language Education – manages English and other foreign language education for Dongguk students. Both centers, with over 100 staff, have set three directions for globalization and internationalization through promoting ‘foreign language studying for students’. First, we are trying to design an administrative and educational system for students’ equality, fairness and empathy. Particularly, we are doing our best to provide a comfortable environment for foreign faculty members and students so that they feel Dongguk University is their second home. Second, based on the Buddhist spirit, we are seeking kindness and a ‘soft power’-based operation in the institute and at both centers. Recent exceptional creativity and competitiveness are based on ‘soft power’ and, for this reason, its importance is growing.

Lastly, we are aiming to establish special language programs that Dongguk University’s Institute of International Language will introduce with our specialty in language education. Our intention is to have efficiency in language programs. Moreover, we continuously focus on students’ cultures and language levels for their language studying, and we use social networking service as an education tool. I would be grateful if you all keep encouraging the development of Dongguk University’s Institute of International Language. We welcome you to visit the institute located on our friendly green campus on Namsan Mountain. We will also welcome you with a cup of sweet tea and our kindness. Thank you! From Park, Young-Hwan, the Dean of the Institute of International Language

From Jongtae, Rhee the Dean of the Institute of International Language