Institute of International Language – Korean Language Program

As a part of the Institution of International Education, the Korean Language Program opened in 2002 by the Center for Language Research and Instruction.
In 2005, it’s reorganized as Korean Language Education center and it is expended as Korean Language Program. The Program’s goal is to teach the Korean language, culture and history to foreigners and Koreans abroad. Also, the Korean language program runs Korean programs for students who want to attend a Korean University or Korean graduate school to acquire Korean abilities necessary to gain scholastic aptitudes.
The Korean Language Program provides opportunities to experience and understand Korean culture through “culture activity program” such as field trip. In addition to a regular Korean program, foreign students can study and understand Korean and Korean culture by paring up with Korean students of Dongguk University who want to help them.
Furthermore, exchanges with sister universities in Asian, American and other countries are actively being taken place through Korean language programs for exchange students. We are doing our best to understand Korean and Korean culture through a systematic curriculum to meet students’ various needs with highly qualified teachers who all majored in Korean education,
learning materials to reflect a characteristic of Korean, effective and modern teaching methods and a friendly lessons.

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