Regular Course Outline

– Regular course is offered 4 terms a year.
– 10 Week Program
– 1 culture experience activities per term
– Placement test is taken two days before the starting of new term.
– Classes are for those who desire to study in domestic (Under) graduate school or improve Korean language skills for business or personal purpose.

Regular Course Introduction

– Six levels from Beginner level 1 to Advanced level 6 will be offered according to students’ Korean language proficiency.
– Comprehensive education of listening, speaking, reading, and writing helps to improve communication ability
– Average 15 students are in a class

Orientation and Placement Test

– The results of the written and oral tests will determine level placement.
– The Orientation will be given a week after classes begin.

Educational Environment

– Classrooms designed for Korean language instruction
– Classrooms with 50 inches LCD TV
– Welcomed participation in various Dongguk University group activities.
– Access to the university’s main library and multimedia rooms.

Level Targets
Level Educational aim
Level 1 - completely read and write Korean consonants and vowels
– understand basic sentence structure, tense expression and rules of verb and adjective usage
– acquire basic language skills required for daily life such as greeting, self introduction, purchasing, using transportation and calling
Level 2 - pronounce correctly with understanding various rules of phoneme and pronunciation
– classifying honorific and regular speaking depending on the situation
– make sentences using various conjunctions
– comparatively free to communicate for daily life, ask and answer about familiar subject
Level 3 - communicate in daily life without inconvenience
– express own opinions about private and familiar social subjects orally as well in paragraphs
– explain, describe, compare and deliver a language in an appropriate situation
– express smooth Korean using passive and indirect speech
Level 4 - understand and express own thoughts of social and current events based on learned grammar
– understand and properly use the basic differences and characteristics of formality /
non-formality and literary / colloquial style.
– deepen one’s understanding of Korean society and culture by learning idioms and proverbs
Level 5 - understand Korean political, economic, social, cultural and other professional fields and logically express own opinion about it.
– choose and use an appropriate expression in a diverse and complicated situation
– achieve skills required to study in a degree course such as writing a thesis, paper, critics, speech and discussion
Level 6 - use Korean grammar freely and participate in professional activities
– concretely figure out the content of editorials, news reports, professional articles, literature and conversations on broadcasts
– understand Korean way of thinking and customs, having no trouble in most activities and expressions throughout Korean language
Namsan Haksa(Dormitory)

– A modern style dormitory, 751 person of Korean and Foreign students lives together
– It have an additional facilities like Restaurants, Convenience Store, Café and Gym.
– Reference :, 02-2260-3758
– Website :