– Application fee ₩60,000(non-refundable)
– Insurance fee ₩120,000 per year
– Tuition Fee ₩1,650,000 per term
※ Insurance fee is subject to change.
※ Tuition fee cover the cost of textbooks.

How to pay tuition and application fee

– Receive invoice from Institute of International Language and pay tuition
– Bank account Information
* Bank : Shinhan bank. Dongguk Univ. branch
* Account Holder : Korean Program
* Account Number : 140 – 006 – 285088
※ if the name of the remitter and applicant’s name is not matched, please contact the office.

Refund regulation

1. Refund policy
– Before the program begin : Full refund
– After the program begin : Receive refunds according to relevant laws
(Enforcement Decree of the Lifelong Education Act)

2. Full refund will be made when applicant’s visa issuance is rejected.

3. Required documents
– Application of Refund
– Copy of return ticket or Certificate Of Enrollment(Undergraduate or graduate)
– In case visa issuance is rejected or student is expelled, The student can submit application of
refund without return ticket or any certificate.