Section Amount Note
Application fee 60,000KRW Freshman Only. Non-refundable
Tuition 1,550,000KRW Including culture experience activities.
Textbook is not included.
How to pay tuition and application fee

– Receive invoice from Institute of International Language and pay tuition
– Bank account Information
* Bank : Shinhan bank. Dongguk Univ. branch
* Account Holder : Korean Program
* Account Number : 140 – 006 – 285088
※ if the name of the remitter and applicant’s name is not matched, please contact the office.

Refund regulation
Section Required Documents Refund Policy Note
Non-Visa Acquisition/
Visa Acquisition
-For all applicants:
Refund application form
-Those who return home
Flight tickets for returning home
-Transferring to other school:
Documents from the school being transferred to
- Before the semester : 90% refund
– Within the 1st week of the semester : 80% refund
– Within the 1st ~ 2nd week of the semester :50% refund
– After the 2nd week of the semester : Non-refundable
※ Student who registered more than 2 semesters may:
– Requests a refund during the 1st semester and could receive 80% of the 2nd semester’s tuition fee.
– Receive a full refund for 3rd semester’s tuition fee.
– Expelled students from the 1st semester will receive a full refund for 2nd semester’s tuition fee
Full refund will be made when applicant’s visa issuance is rejected
(A refund is only possible upon submission of an original copy of the school’s admission letter and
a receipt of the paid tuition fee)