– Placement test is taken two days before the starting of new term. The results of the test will determine level placement.
– Existing students will be evaluated by the grade of last semester, and determine to flunk or move up to advanced level


– Evaluating by mid-term test, Final test, attendance rate and homework.
– Range of Evaluating: Listeng, Reading, Speaking, Writing. (Perfect score is 100 per each test)100
– A grade transcript will be issued every semester.

Flunking & registration regulation

– In case of attendance rate is under 80%, reenrollment is unavailable and will be expelled immediately even if it is during the semester.
– In case of attendance rate is over 80%, but test grade is under 70, student will be flunked.
– In case of be flunked for twice in a low in the same level, reenrollment is unavailable.
– In case of enroll the class with the purpose of something besides Korean language study or interrupt class, reenrollment is unavailable.
– In case of expelled or change of status, university will report it to immigration office immediately.

Certificate of award regulation

① Enrolled for more than 3 terms and finish level 6
② GPA is over 70 and attendance rate is over 80%
Diploma will be given if satisfying these two condition.

Perfect attendance award

Perfect attendance award will be given if not be tardy or absent.

Honor student award

Those students whose grade is in the top 10%, will be given honor student award.

Special award

Special award will be given to student who raise the honor of university or language course.

Scholarship policy

– To those with superior grades, scholarship will be awarded.
– There is a discount for undergraduate or graduate students of Dongguk University.