Application for certificates

2019-02-21 15:54
This is the notice about the alteration of application of certificates.

The followings will come into force from 1 Jan, 2019.

  • Application by others ways (by phone or at office, etc.) will not be accepted.

  • Certificates can only be received during the receiving time.

  • Please come to office and receive the certificates on the next day of application if possible because the attendance rate is updated every day and certificates will be destroyed after a week of the day of application.

  • Please receive the certificates by students themselves.


  1. How to apply: Scan QR code or click URL(

※Please refer to the attached
  1. How to receive: Come to office and show one of the items (student ID card, passport or alien card) for receiving.

(Certificates won’t be issued if the required items are not shown.)
  1. Receipt time: 13:00~18:00

※ 1pm on the next day of application


Thank you.